President Michel Martelly announces the launch of a pilot program of assistance to vulnerable populations. More than 100 000 mothers receive a grant for the purchase of food, says the president Martelly revealing that the funds will be provided with cell phones. He believes that this program is closely related to free education program conducted in eight geographical departments. The pilot project in the North West during the week before the official launch of the program Aba grangou in January 2012. The Haitian authorities will use a portion of Petrocaribe funds to finance this program. The foreign minister, Laurent Lamothe said that members of the Venezuelan government were informed of the use of funds generated by the agreement Petrocaribe.Petrocaribe established by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, can defer a portion of oil bill in the long run. The Haitian government has the support of other international organizations and foreign states for the implementation of this program of direct grants to vulnerable groups. Ecuador and Ceppal provide technical support to the Haitian authorities in the framework of Aba grangou. In addition to several Haitian senators over the last week stressed the need to support this government's agenda. LLM / Radio Metropole Haiti